Sunday, June 22, 2014

About moving on...

That's what I think...

Day 77

With your maternal Aunt...been today to Chesmashahi Mughal usual you were happy to be around trees,birds and flowers and so was I...

Day 76

Looking at a bright red rose here... in fascination :)

Day 75

This is what you like to do nowadays..all the time and you actually tire yourself by doing this...

Day 74

You like to take a stroll with me every evening now and if we don't cry a lot and throw all sort of tantrums, like making sad faces,turning your head to opposite side while I am talking to you,showing me that you are are getting naughty my friend :)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 73

With your maternal grandparents...they are really gonna miss you, on 27th we will be flying back to Delhi!!

Day 72

off diaper...and you go all active and giggling....sigh of relief for both of us..don't worry we ll give you a lot of off diaper time in Delhi..

Day 71

I clicked few shots while holding camera in one hand since there was no one around to do that for us...clicked at least 10 shots and finally finalized these were also enjoying the whole thing.. smiling, making loud noises and clicking pictures

Day 70

You curious look at me when I talk to you or tell you stories...that tells me-you understand everything...

Day 69

You have this fascination for ceilings...I don't know what you keep searching there...

Day 68

You sleep very less in day now,max for 15 minutes,not more than that...That's something new...after all you are growing and becoming more aware of your surroundings

Day 67

In deep thoughts...

Day 66

Past few days have been very busy..I couldn't post any of your it will be a "pic overload" :)
This poc was clicked in Botanical Garden, like your mother love to be around nature..You like trees, birds,and open spaces...look at happy you are :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 65

This is you fav pose nowadays, seems like you try to fly like superman :)

Day 64

After a bath on a hot day !!

Day 63

One thing is crystal clear, you like nature like your mom :)  , that makes me so happy. We had been to Doodhpathri, amazing landscape, awesome meadows...and you were so happy to see trees around, jungle crows croaking and you slept peacefully under the shade of a pine tree, nearby river flow was like a lullaby... while we were searching for a place to rest, you were comfortably sitting in your carrycot and looking around.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Fun & Harwan

Had been to Harwan was a real fun, especially with Vihaan, he was so curious, looking all around with big eyes...he seemed to like the shade of Chinar trees and his eyes were transfixed on the beautiful view that flowers had created...Kids were all Gung-ho about the crazy things that I made them do for pictures...It was a great outing :)

Day 62

We had been out Harwan Mughal were curiously looking all around...especially the giant Chinar were in a playful mood and giggling to your own sounds.

Day 61

I love your big dreamy eyes...

Day 60

Calm & composed you !!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 59

Observing stuff like bright vibrant and moving you were talking to a bright red pillow :)

Day 58

You don't like to lie down want to see world upright...I get it, I is so tiring to lie down all day long.
So don;t worry, I will take care of that :)

Day 57

 I see a different you everyday...see in this pic, you seem to be so different!!
Love you

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Break that shell

My mom is very fond of seashells and different kind of pebbles..this shell is from her collection.

Set your Heart free

This was my Dad's perfume bottle...had to cut out a paper heart and insert it into the bottle for this very click... 

Day 55

I think that you know that I am clicking your pic because you stay still and look into the camera lens..

Day 54

What an amazing feeling it is when you hold my hand :)
You have long fingers like your mom. that tells me that you will also be Artistic...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lets spread love:)

It's the season of pollination in Kashmir...pollen, bees, butterflies, winds all are working hard to aid pollination so that flowers and fruits bloom everywhere...that's were from I got my inspiration and came up with these 2 pic's...these are Lima beans from my kitchen garden!!
Pictures edited using PicsArt.