Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kahwa and flax seeds tea and my learning today!!

It was a great day….I felt so energetic, so refreshed and full of life…why?? Because of many things:
Firstly I woke up at 7 rather than 9 which I usually do….I used my handmade soap for shower  and I felt so good… I thought I am so happy to see my creation put to good use…than won’t god be happy to see his creation (that’s me) so happy today…he will be thinking what a beautiful creation is this soul…so happy so cheerful, full of love, exactly the way i wanted it to be!! That’s what I actually thought!!

Secondly I read few chapters from the “Book of Woman” while sipping my fav Kashmiri Kahwa tea… (Infusion of kahwa leaves, cinnamon, saffron, and sugar) with 2 teaspoons of flax seeds…!! Adding the seeds was a new twist in the usual tea…why?? because:

Power packed flax seeds have a nutty taste…they are a source of omega-3 and omega-6, rich source of lignin, that’s flushes out the excess oestrogen from body reducing chances of oestrogen linked cancers like breast cancer. 

( Note: They should be crushed before use otherwise they will pass through the body just like that…once crushed they should be refrigerated because the oil  in the seeds will be oxidized thereby diminishing their nutritive value).

And thirdly:

I gifted Josna one homemade soap J, we had our casual discussion about life, how things should be actually and how we mistakenly perceive them to be…how life should move on, how our relationships should be…it is always refreshing to have such discussions with her… and every time we end up learning a thing or two…embracing the beauty of life’s mysteries with open arms !!



Photography credit for last two pictures goes to Josna :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Homemade Herbal Soap :)

Story goes like this, “so the really handsome Narcissus saw his reflection in the pool of water and he fell in love with it”

Yeah I made this saffron, turmeric, and rosemary soap at home today and I fell in love with it…   :)
I am so happy to have finally made it, few days earlier even yestreen it was a dream…so distant, so far…just in my thoughts…but today I am holding it in my hands…smelling it and taking pride in it!!  After all  “I made a soap, a homemade soap”.

My soapy story goes back to the post (here) when I started to pay attention to the products that we have been using without actually being aware of the chemicals used in their I thought I will make soap at home as well since it can be done... and I will be making it as safe as possible by using all the natural ingredients!!

It’s like one of a thing on my “DIY before I die “ list is checked…I did it!!   and By the way aren't those visible valuable saffron threads so inviting?? 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Little better today, and we are all over the place...

New found toy, kitchen Ladle :)

Monday, May 25, 2015



Sleepless nights, mouth breathing, and fatigue!!

Around here

Still trying to figure out what I am…still in the process of defining my life, I try to do so many things, yet I fail to complete them…I begin with so much enthusiasm and fail to  take it till the end…that’s me…over enthusiastic me…ludicrous me…

Today while cleaning the cupboard, I found this amazing book and I wondered why?? Why had I left it halfway…I should have completed it…read it through…so here I am reading it again… 

Few amazing lines that I read today:

“ and it is a very simple fact that the more you know, the less you wonder….

As you grow older, you lose the sensitivity for wonder, you become more and more dull…but the reason for it is that now you know everything. You know nothing, but your mind is full of borrowed knowledge, and you have not ever thought that underneath it is nothing but darkness and ignorance…” –Osho, the book of woman.



It pains me immensely to see you like this, You have not been able to sleep properly at night due to this cold...but i am happy to see how bravely you have been fighting this are my strong boy!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Homemade Eucalyptus Balm

 Homemade Eucalyptus Balm

Past 3 days were hard on us…Vihaan was not well and you know what happens when your baby is unwell... you have to deal with  everything…from baby's health to whole household chores…. So in this process of managing everything I lost the balance somewhere…and one night I just broke down…I cried…I had wrist pain and headache and Vihaan was not ready to sleep, he wanted to be in my arms…he wanted to sleep in my lap and I had no energy left…I cried for being too incompetent to manage all this…I felt too self-centred to cater to the need of my little sick baby… anyhow the night passed and the day dawned…in the morning I looked like a drug addict…with half closed eyes…dizzy... frail me…in lot of pain...and my little one looking upto me for understanding him...for caring for him...for comforting him... Akash had to come early from his office... and vihaan was with him...under his care for the rest of the day...somehow we managed...and the day passed as well… that's what happened in the past two days.

Today I felt a little better and so did Vihaan... I felt back in action, and I made an eucalyptus balm at home…eucalyptus helps to relieve  the symptoms of cold, sinusitis and flu...

I am little freak when it comes to using the available medications for children to treat few common seasonal ailments…that’s why I home made this balm…it wasn't that easy, I spent a lot of time studying about the best available essential oil manufactures in India, then about the natural beeswax…and after a lot of brainstorming and going through a lot of online reviews…I got this eucalyptus essential oil from Soul flower… as we cannot use the essential oil directly to the skin, I had to search for the best carrier oil available…I choose Jojoba cold pressed oil…

And here I am with my homemade balm for my little one…not only Vihaan but all three us can use it (I did a patch sensitivity test before the application of the balm) and I can’t tell you how happy I am with this little creation of mine…

Next on my list is a luscious Lip moisturizing balm and homemade natural soaps  :)



My brave boy, you have been fighting out this cold and flu very well...
feeling a little better today!!



Busy with a new toy  (Roly Poly Tumbler) from Jovi and Josna Aunty!!



Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Little unwell today...

You were being bit extra edgy since last night and I had this feeling that you don't feel well from inside…so here we are today…mild fever and cold like symptoms!!

I hope you recover fast!!



Someday I will leave everything behind and never look back…I will move on…with the thought of seeing the unseen…knowing the unknown…hearing the unheard…speaking the unspoken…someday…I will vanish just like that!!  

But I won't be far away…

I will be will find me in the tiny bulb pushing its way out through the heart of earth…or may in the fragrance of a new bloom….in the green of the newly emerged leaflet…in the glistening water of a unruly river…you will find me in the sweetness of a beehive… you will hear my melody in a mocking bird!!

 Someday…    :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Sometimes, in the analysing mode, or may be the introspection mode ;) like mommy!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Our most valuable treasure- Our Relationships!!

If you have a plant at home… you won’t just keep it all decked up in the balcony or in some corner of the house…It's not about mere possession... rather you will ensure that you take best care of it, you will take appropriate steps for its survival and then it’s continued healthy growth… for that you need to know it well because different plants have different requirements…what goes for one won’t go for everyone. You will make sure it gets proper lighting, just right amount of water, sufficient nutrients, proper handling, adequate air circulation…you will dedicate your daily scheduled time for its well being, isn't it??!!

 Well, same goes for our relationships also…they also need our time, our support, our understanding to grow and bloom!! and  the sooner we get it the better it is, because, deep down...oblivious to the naked eyes.. if the root dies, the plant will wilt away too..if the impact is deeper, than nothing you do superficially will save it from dying away...!!!

it is the root, that nourishes the whole plant, that anchors it to the soil, that stimulates the growth...and root is deep down...undergoing a lot, all by itself..!! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015



Soldier with a watermelon helmet, is crying because "he" was caught by the thief ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

How safe is your Family toothpaste??

How safe is your Family toothpaste??

We get the best toothpaste available in the market, we brush 2 times in a day and that’s it…
No carries, no cavity and no worries.. and all goody..

Well let me burst the bubble and state that we are doomed at the first step …why?? What??
Because my friends that toothpaste has been lying to us..{with a loud grin, I might add}
we never pay attention to the “active ingredients” in our germ fighting toothpaste…
have you wondered why we get to hear so much about cancer incidence in every third person we know…in our family, in our circle…it’s so prevalent nowadays…why??

Partly because day in –day out we are using the chemicals that trigger such reaction in our body, and we  hardly know!! a little more knowledge, little more effort can save us and our dear ones!! Awareness about what we use, what we buy…can make a lot of difference!!

Today while I was watching TV…I happened to see a very informational programme based on the day to day products that we use and about their ingredients…that was a real eye opener for me.. I headed straight to my washroom and got all the toothpastes that we have been using since ages…and when I checked for their ingredients, I was shocked…it was all too confusing.....I thought I used the best products… even the toothpaste that I thought was safe enough for Vihaan was not SAFE!!

What to do?? Now I was aware of the harmful chemicals that we have been using every day, first thing in the morning…I had to do something about it and then I searched for the safer options my surprise even the Dabur red toothpaste had few artificial preservatives… after much research I finally settled for Vicco vajradanti toothpaste..I found it to be safe and 100% herbal and Vihaan can use it as well!! ( For more information about Vicco toothpaste click here..)  I called up the local supermarket guy to check for this particular brand which he had…I dumped all other tubes in the waste bin and pledged to be more alert and wise in terms of choosing the products that we guys use…in coming days I will research for the  Hair shampoos, conditioner’s and other products that we use and take appropriate actions if required!!

I will suggest that you guys go through this Skin Deep and EWG  to know more about the products that you have been using and if need be, switch to safer options…after all its for your health and wellbeing…take an initiative!!

AS I say : Love, respect, and treat your body well, remember it’s where your soul resides”

PS: This post is not sponsored by" Vicco", opinion expressed is my own and data points are taken from (EWG) and Skin Deep.