Saturday, February 28, 2015

Glimpse of our morning here in Jammu

Everyone was busy in the wee hours of morning, grandmother busy in kitchen making yummy delights, grandfather busy with morning prayers and ohh yes I was busy clicking pictures...

It's very cold out here, we landed here and Vihaan was wrapped up in warm woollen clothes, he seemed to be little irritated though with so many clothes on, he is not used to all this...back home he keeps staring the ceiling, looking at the ceiling fans, as if asking me, why aren't they up and running?

Here are few glimpses :

A picture a day series

Flaunting his new  new Kung Fu Panda bike gifted yesterday by his maternal grand parents!!

Getting pampered, lots of love, care, toys, sweets and what not...wish I was a kid too... huh...  ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A picture a day series

DIY-Patchy hair clips

We are having a patch frenzy lately, Picture me at home with clothes, threads, and patches everywhere and I lost in the pile of patches :)

in my last post about Bum patches I had stitched some patches on pants and that's when I thought about what should I do with the smaller pieces/patches afterall they are quite cute as well and I cannot afford to ignore them, then I thought about making some hair clips for Vihaan. So here we are:

I used:
 couple of small sized patches.
Steel hair clips/plastic clips
pieces of scrap cloth (Old bra straps)


Stitch the under surface of the patch with a piece of cloth (I used a piece of strap from my old bra), neatly glue it to the steel clip/plastic hair clip, wait for 5-20 minutes while the adhesion is perfect and Viola!! you are done!! 

Around here ...

Around here, I am capturing the beauty through my lens before the flowers wilt away, saving the last glimpse of the wonderful nature and keeping it safe in my memories, here in my blog, a beautiful reminder of our anniversary day!!


Around here, I am thinking how time is flying Vihaan has grown from a tiny sampling into a blooming flower...with his first birthday just around the quickly has he grown in a couple of charming he has become...


Around here, I am learning the art of cooking, and cooking with all my heart, pouring out my love for my family, serving the wonderful delights and cherishing the simple moments!!


Around here, I am learning to keep calm, let go of certain things that are beyond our control, trying to stop being a control freak all the time, trying to let things be scattered on the floor, trying to let the room be messy for a while, trying to stop and sit down for a while, rest for a while if I don't feel like doing the chores at that very moment, trying not to be hard on myself for not being able to manage everything perfectly :)


Around here, I am hoping to keep blogging everyday, sharing my thoughts about my life, about life in general, about things around while I am away, away to people that love us dearly, that are waiting to hold and love Vihaan!!


Around here, I am writing this post with the wind chime melody in the background, with the caressing breeze gently blowing my hair in the air,  with a very strange but soothing wave of comfort filling my heart!!

Around here....and just here...

A picture a day series.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am thankful :)

I am thankful for the creativity inside me :)

Some Bum Charm ;)

Around here, we are learning new things everyday, 

Let's quickly get to the story behind this bum charm....there is a very sweet comely boy in our society "Arokya", I spotted him in his cool pants while he was hopping and running in his own world in the park couple of days back, he had very cute animal patches on his bum and his mother "Mala" told me that they have a complete set of these pants...I Absolutely fell in love with his pants.

 I wanted something like that for Vihaan as well, so I ripped some patches from Vihaan's old clothes that no longer fit him and stitched them on the pants...since we do not have a sewing machine at home, we had to do it with hands :( but we enjoyed.

  Vihaan was happy posing for was kinda funny, I was after his bum with my lens...

Thanks to Mala and Arokya for the inspiration :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A picture a day series.

we are travelling by the end of this month, Vihaan's 1st birthday will be celebrated in Akash's hometown where both grandparents will join us, every one is excited about the occasion.

As we are travelling ,I wanted a personalized travel bag for Vihaan  but couldn't buy one as I actually splurged at lot on his clothing :o   well then I thought of customizing one at home, we had a spare strolley, I stamp printed it and made some customized name tags as well...

Vihaan was happy being surrounded by the craft supplies and playing with color pencils.

Here are few captures

Monday, February 23, 2015

I am thankful :)

Because it runs my imagination wild, and I see so many different shapes casted by clouds in the sky!! We all have done it in our childhood, I still do it :)!!

By the way, in the picture below I see a cow & a bear...what do you??

A picture a day series

After a bath!!

Sometimes I am busy doing my own things and then I see you, teeny tiny being roaming here and there,all around me, sometimes busy in his own wonderful world, 

Sometimes dragging basket/ your teddy/my colorful shirt/or your dad's formal shoes to the very far corner of the room, somewhere behind the door and exploring the stuff, feeling things quietly, 

sometimes reaching up to the kitchen table, pulling down the bunch of bananas, onions, tomatoes...

Sometimes just sitting in the corridor patiently, doing nothing but waiting for me to come and find you...

I love you...