Monday, June 29, 2015

88/365-Family outing

88/365-Family outing

On the foothills of mountain Harmukh is a beautiful Village "Naranag", it has scienic meadows, lakes, Tall Pine tree canopies, and unruly Sind river...apart from that it has a set of many small cluster temples of Shiva that date back to 8th century built by Lalitadhitya Muktadiya!!  The area is inhabited by local Gujjars now!!

It took us about 2 hours by car to reach the place, quiet untouched and relatively calm, we had our share of some quality family time and yes Vihaan had his share of fun as meadows to run around under the clear blue skies, ice cold water to dip his tiny feet in and lots of fun in water fight , comfortable lap of grandpa, and lots of hugs and kisses from people nearby that were complete strangers yet seemed so loving, warm and welcoming   !!

here are few captures :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015



Open sunny meadows to run around, wild flowers in abundance to pluck & play with,  tall trees to reach to, occasionally something to ponder upon...and happy you !!

Viraj is your best buddy nowadays, you hop into his lap and sit there comfortably, you like to run around and play with him !! He also takes care and protects you like a proud elder brother !!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Rain and the unrest

We reached here on 24th June and while onboard,the flight captain announced that the temperature in kashmir is 15 degrees and its also  raining....we landed and were welcomed by heavy down pour...and it has been raining since then day and night...people here have witnessed  recent floods and everybody is tense since the water level in Sangam river has crossed the danger mark and the river Jehlum is rising niece and nephew had been to school was a usual morning when we received a call from the school stating that the nearby Jehlum river is rising and school day has been called off....we rushed off to the schools to get the kids....there was an unrest all around...people were really body wants to undergo the same ordeal again....on our way back I got a glimpse of the seemed to be just touching the danger mark!! I also happened to pass through the streets of once happening Rajbagh and Jawahar Nagar areas....that used to be buzzing with life and full of hustle and bustle but now all i could see was ruble and heaps of concrete! ! It was really heart breaking to see such a sight!! Floods here have left a disastrous impact and it will take a while for people to recover from it!!

All we can do for now is to pray for rain to stop and for little sunshine to instill some energy , some warmth in our damp spirits !!

Thursday, June 25, 2015



Traveling to Kashmir....visiting your grandparents after almost an year!!

I was very anxious as to how our journey will be because now you don't want to sit at one place for too long and our flight will take almost 3 hours to land in kashmir but to my surprise it all went were in a joyful mood and relatively very calm!!

And when we finally reached it took you sometime to get comfy with folks back home...they tried few tricks...and it worked!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yoga & My thoughts around it!!

We all have heard a lot about it, apparently everyone is talking about it, every other article is regarding its benefits...well this is "YOGA"  Yes it has become the  latest fad with its name in the days marked internationally.

undoubtedly yoga is good for us, it is not just for body but for mind as well, its the holistic science that was put together many many years ago by a wise sage named Patanjali, he at that time recognized its true potential and took the task of arranging it, assimilating it at one place so that mankind will benefit out of it, and if you think you can't do it, think twice because you have already done it and you are not aware, you have practiced yoga in he womb, when you were in the fetal deep meditation , the only difference is that at that time your lungs were not pumping oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, it was done by placenta :), so you have to learn that Pranayama (breathing exercises), how to breathe deeply, and exhale deeply as well, we all are accustomed to this involuntary shallow breathing, whereas to attain that stage of relaxation one needs to breathe deeply, and exhale deeply as well, expelling out all the negativity, frustration that grips our soul...then only can we be at peace.

There are few Asanas (body postures) that if you practice in your stressful times, they tend to ease that tension a bit, besides relieving those tension knots in your spine and neck, like the Balasana (child pose), i tried it recently , and it works great for me...there are many more that help with body flexibility and mental peace...i am thinking about starting a series about yoga poses in my blog, lets see how it goes and how i i have said earlier, I start many things but hardly complete them , or stick to them...i have serious commitment issues, that i need to work not bragging about anything right now..lets see..fingers crossed!!

Photography credits go to my Niece , Divya Kaur Mehta, she is a 9th grader, an artist, a phenomenal painter, and budding photographer!!

In the pictures above, my darling Nephew and my elder sis, apparently my family in Kashmir celebrated their yoga day in Narang Nag in south Kashmir amidst all the beauty, greenery and fresh air!!

Monday, June 22, 2015



I remember my childhood days, I loved rain (and I think every kid does that, it fascinated them, they want to go out) , I was never allowed to go out  in rain, my parents were always concerned that I might fall sick, and the only option was to watch it pour down from my french window at home...and now after so many years the history repeats itself,  I have a tiny boy who loves rain and wants to go out and have some fun but I am the concerned mom here, worried about health and falling sick...

 But I also want him to enjoy, feel it, touch it and dance in it...  so we found a way, we got  a rain coat so that you can also have your share of fun in the down pour, after all its not just a matter of a day or two but this is monsoon, it will last a month or 2 and then after a brief lull there will be retreating monsoon also, so we can't keep you locked up inside...the other thing that i am searching for is Gum boots for you, they will  look awesome, compete your rain gear, and protect you too, I searched almost all the possible sites but couldn't find anywhere ;)  !! I will try to get them from Kashmir, lets see!!

Here are some picks that I managed to get today in the park, we went to the park and the rain apparently stopped ;), there was just slight drizzling!!

you look so adorable and you were complimented also for your super cute looks and the rain coat!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015



I had planned a Father's day shoot with my two boys but couldn't, firstly because of rain and secondly we had been few guests at home today!!

So just you with your new musical Rocking horse that I got for you , i had been out shopping for Akash's birthday cake and other stuff and when I saw this rocking horse in the display,I had an immense desire to get it for you, somehow I couldn't stop myself from buying it, however this did upset my monthly savings a bit but was worth it, because the best part is you like it :) !!



Posing for dad's birthday pic!!

Akash's 32nd Birthday!!

My best buddy turned 32 on 20th June!! The best part of marrying your friend is that you never realize that you are getting old, while years come and go just so fast!!

Our day started with a nice and hearty breakfast for Akash served with beautiful fresh flowers ;), then the much awaited Cake cutting, this time I ordered a Chocolate ice-cream roll cake and now that has become our fav, we absolutely love it!! and finally a Photo shoot!! 

I am waiting eagerly for Vihaan to grow up and be my charming companion in planning for occasions like these,it will be so much fun doing things together, going market, making plans, and shopping!!