Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013-Year Review

2013 is about to end...., couple of hours and it will become history....that's what happens with bygones...I am writing this post not in one go, I am writing this post in my mind while I m brushing my teeth, while I m combing my hair, I am writing while I m cooking in the kitchen.....while I m watching tv.....and so on....and that's how I m writing this post.

This year has been generous to me, it has given me many good memories and also opportunities to fulfil my ambitions for which I m thankful. This year is also special because we, me & Akash, we decided to be responsible for bringing another human being in this world,  out of seed of love and purity,  not for the sake of continuity of generation but for the continuity of humanity.

I hope that 2014 is promising as 2013 was, even more than that....I hope it brings love, luck, and joy to our life....Wishing for a happy new year for everyone.

Monday, December 30, 2013

This hour :

It is  7 pm, I m alone.....its quiet inside but outside it's thundering hard, its raining,  freezing winter wind is blowing mercilessly.....I can feel the chill....I peek out of  the window and see the mother pigeon,  sitting cosyly on it's newborns, it worries me as I know it's very cold outside,  I should do something....but what should I do? I throw a piece of cloth at it, I want her to grab this piece of cloth and wrap it round it's newborns....but it moves further away not sensing what I want it to do...it won't understand I say to myself and close the window but I am not at rest, I check again and again but the cloth lies untouched....I look heaven wards and pray to God,  to take best care of the birds,.., it thunders again and this time more loudly....making me more glum....   I retire from the window to my bed, turn on the heater pull of my moccasin socks and sit quietly listening to the beating of raindrops on the window sill...hoping it to stop soon...that's all what I can do for now...

What went by & what's ahead

Time for introspection.....

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Welcome to this world :D

Yes, it was a week or 2 earlier that I had posted the pics of a mother pigeon who was tirelessly tending to its two eggs and now the babies are here..., it was yesterday morning that I as usual peeked out of my window to check on the progress that I was joyfully amazed to see 2 babies all curled up on themselves under the protective feathers of their mother....it was a wonderful sight :) 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DIY printed baby sheet

I am so happy, I printed a cotton sheet for my baby...lately I have been making this stuff at home....there are certain things that I just wanted to do myself, like I wanted the first sheet were the baby will sleep all snuggled up for the first time to be made by me :) I even made a baby wrap ....all this keeps me well and busy and plus I get to communicate more with my child, and I believe this will strengthen our bond.... :)
Merry Christmas ♡♡

Friday, December 20, 2013

Story so far

They were young, full of energy,  they believed in love,  in soul mates...they used to gaze at starry sky at night thinking about the love of their life,they used to write poems. Then they met...oh no it was not the "love at first sight" thing, but with time something changed , they were drawn towards eachother....the girl was "damsel in distress", the boy was her saviour,  her hero....they fell in love....it was a beautiful feeling,  they found their soulmate....then they got married....they loved passionatly, they also fought over trivial things...she cried and he madeup, both said their share of sorries....they laughed, cried, made plans, and so much more....and now they are starting a new chapter,  they are going to be  parents :)  they are happy and anxious too....that's their story so far...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Art is in my heart

Huuhh.....bored, bored, bored...yup
I feel tired all the time :(  sob sob but particularly today I feel like a lazy cow...I think its normal in pregnancy....but  admist all the laziness, I managed to brush up my creativity with the help of pics art, it's a fun application to work with...lots of interesting features.....

So here's what I made:

Monday, December 9, 2013


Today I woke up a bit late than usual at 9am....I felt some of leakage, initially I paid no attention, I thought it was just like that....but after a seconds it stuck me that it should not happen....I mean it could me fluid surrounding the baby and that really shook me up....earth below was shaken and I actually felt weak in my knees.....I told Akash and we headed to the hospital. We left home by 9.30 and to add up  to my worries, there was traffic congestion everywhere....roads were packed and it was really frustrating. I felt my heart beating in my ears...all sort of scary thoughts were just playing out in my mind.

We reached hosptal by 12 noon...my doctor examined and announced that there was nothing to worry as infection seems to be the cause of the discharge, she gave few pills and an told me to follow up after 3 days....   This feeling that your baby might be distressed really knocks the breath out of your lungs and the assurance that it is well and health really works like magic, it brings tears of joy and smile on your lips....I was relieved.

I have realised that motherhood is the most amazing thing that a woman experiences....its very difficult to explain the bond that you share with the tiny being in your belly but it makes you feel complete and more than any thing else a mother is always concerned about the safety and wellbeing of its child.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6th month...

Its my 6th month, things are going fine, my baby is moving and I feel the movements every now and then, it feels amazing :)  Baby is  growing and as the time will progress there will be less room for it....which I have already started to feel.....I feel occasional stretch in my abdomen...especially after meals. well dear baby I know its not that easy for you as well..

I am making a baby bed sheet, I learned this embroidery stuff in high school and thought of giving it a shot,  it looks preety fine..., it will be complete in few weeks. Guess what I am not alone in this motherhood journey, there is a pigeon hatching its beautiful eggs on our porch window....