Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bidding farewell to Jovial January

It indeed was a Jovial January for us, family of 3 happy souls!!

We loved, We laughed, We prayed, We thanked, We cherished, &

We had our moments of sadness, disagreements, and arguments also, and it's fair enough because all 3 of us have our own individuality and we respect that for sure...all is fair in love, family love!!

Vihaan learned to express himself better this January,he figured out the way to go out of the apartment, he knows we are going out when we put on our shoes, he is learning fast :)

Akash and I, to put it more precisely, "I"  learned to stay happy in spite of our own differences, I learned to let go of the things that irritate me and take certain things lightly rather than taking everything to heart...well Akash already knows how to do that, he is a better "let goer", a better "happy go lucky" than me...

With all this, we finally say bye-bye to" Jovial January" and look forward to a "Fantastic February"

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How we met a special friend this morning....

We woke up this morning and I had this strong urge to go to the park  and guess what we did so,me and vihaan, yup, we looked still sleepy our bed hair :)

We were not alone though, shortly we were joined a special friend, a cat who seemed to excited to see us there, I guess it was getting bored alone ...It sat beside us and Vihaan was very happy to see it, he wanted to feel it's soft fur, touch it's tail, and very sweetly when it uttered "Meow meow" he was all the more happy, happy to hear it from a cat for the very first time, till now he had heard it from me :)

Aww!! It melted my heart and I called Akash and asked him to get some cheese so that we can feed the cat. So while Cat had a hearty breakfast, we clicked few pictures.

Bed hair !!

Friday, January 30, 2015

This feeling...

Something inside me melts everytime I see vihaan playing, something inside me rocks me when I see him talking to himself, making loud sounds, something inside me is making me more humble and more forgiving & all this is because of my little boy.


What am I to him?? I have asked this question to myself God knows how many times...I don't know exactly and I know sometime later I will have the opportunity to ask Vihaan, when he will be able to understand my question,  but may be then I will choose not to ask him...It's now I need to know not later when he grows up. Whatever I say right now, I know I mean a lot to this tiny being right now and this thought ignites the fire inside me, keeps me going on.

It was midday, Vihaan was sleeping by my side while I was changing few settings of my camera, he shook up suddenly from his sleep as if he had a real bad dream, he looked for me, he held my hand and he slept again after studying my face for few seconds. I was moved deeply...his trust on me is unfathomable, it's profound. This feeling fills me with mixed emotions, fills me with joy, with marvel, with bafflement and also to admit with little trepidity.


Isn't this strange, we all have been through this phase once in our life, where our mother was greatest comfort for us, when even her slightest touch, her mere presence used to be everything that we ever needed, when she was our entire world.


I think about all this...fleeting moment, as the window curtain moves with a puff of vesper, as the fleeting sunlight is casting the shadow, as it lightens the dark room for the last time for the day, before the darkness sets in .


A picture a day series

On the menu today :)

May be it's crazy...

 I am altogether a different person by the night, and by that I do not mean that I turn into a vampire or a any other beastly character, nor do I turn into a super woman and leave my home to save the city from crime, I don't do any of that, I simply can't sleep, earlier it was by compulsion ,it was the need of the hour, as I had to feed Vihaan in between but now it is by choice or rather it has become a part of my life, it has conditioned my brain!!

It is not that simple as it seems to be, rather it is complicated..I am wide awake at night, staring the ceiling, trying to see beyond it...lying there with nothing on my mind...blank, just like a clean slate...roaming aimlessly all around in my apartment..gravitating towards the shadows, towards the darkness...standing in the window with a glass of water in my hands and trying to make sense of the things.

Summing up my day...marvelling at the beauty and innocence of my little boy, who sleeps peacefully as I see his chest rising up and down...I think what sort of mother I times I loose my cool and i shout at him...and immediately I correct myself..calm myself down...somewhere curse myself for doing it...and I say sorry and kiss him...comfort him...and try to be patient enough to fulfill all his demands...he keeps running after me...inside kitchen, in the washroom and at times all this gets to my head...I try to do so many things at a time, and maybe that's my problem...boil milk..put clothes in the washing machine...clean the poop and somewhere i loose it all... but none of this is Vihaan's fault...he is just too innocent and oblivious of these him I am everything and I have to come up to his expectations.

Looking at the face of Akash who nowadays snores!! yes he does...thinking about the our relationship...been together for almost 13 years now, we have grow together actually from teenagers to adults, been together since college days..then worked together and now raising a baby together...feels so good...fills me with pride.

I don't know how to strike a to divide my time so that no one feels neglected...I don't get enough time to call my parents, my in laws and my friend...Nobody complains about all that yet I still feel it...may be I am being too hard on myself, I really don't know...right now I am just going with the flow...speaking my mind honestly. 

I think about all this...I watch both of them...Vihaan and Akash sleeping peacefully and I turn to the shadows one more time...I ask them to lull me to sleep, I ask the darkness to hug and comfort me and put me to sleep but it stares back at me with eyes that are lost, not knowing what to do...eyes that want to say something but words fall short!!

While rest of the world is sleeping and dreaming, I am clicking pictures and writing a post...may be it's crazy, maybe I am over analyzing, or maybe it's just fine!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Delish Banana pancakes

Everyday something new...well that's a lot of work to do. 

Today we made some yum yum Banana pancakes at home and vihaan seemed to be absolutely in love with them..I gave him 3 and still he wanted more :) , what can be more comforting to a mother's soul than that...I love you my boy...thanks for appreciating my efforts, "tisk tisk", getting emotional here...are we?? :P

And I also ate them...I was too clumsy to make lunch for myself, instead I made extras for me as well...pan was steaming hot anyway and batter was plenty too.. 

So  while somewhere far far away sleeping beauty was lost in deep sleep ,somewhere nearby Mom and a baby had banana pancakes and they lived happily ever after!!

Recipe for Banana Pancakes:

You need:

1 Ripe banana
Wheat flour
Vanilla extract (optional)


Mash a ripe banana, sift some wheat flour in a bowl, stir in the milk, add all 3 together and mix until you have a smooth batter. You can also add few drops of Vanilla Extract.

Now lightly grease a frying pan with butter, heat and spoon the mixture into the pan, spread the mixture with a spatula, and cook until golden brown on the both sides, turn them over carefully.
Cool to room temperature and serve the delight!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My perky little get all Gung-ho when I bring in washed clothes, you jump with joy and roll over them... dragging the basket as far from me as possible, you close your eyes..rub your face and hands with wet clothes... and then I wait for sometime and let you enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blog Anniversary

3 years of  blogging!!! 

This blog is my own personal space where I  share my thoughts, my creativity and my moments of despair, and in these 3 years I have learned a lot through my blog, I never thought that I could be good at photography, writing quotes, designing my own images and so much more.... and also putting them all together nicely.

Blogging has energized me, refreshed me, it has fueled and unleashed my creativity and the person inside me, it has kept me going when things were difficult and given me inspiration and motivation when I needed. This blog has been my best friend in these 3 years :) and this blog has given me wonderful friends as well.

Thanks to Bella, lamb loves fox, and Farhuma for joining me in this journey and making it wonderful!!

This blog has beautifully treasured all my memories and the course of my life...when I look back from where I started, I see a lot better me now.

This wonderful journey is surely miles to go...happy blogging to me!!

Your fav thing, playing with chappals :D

Monday, January 26, 2015

Teething trouble

You have been biting and gnawing a lot lately, you want to chew everything that includes me and your dad as well, pain makes you irritable and sometimes you cling on to me all day long...

I tried giving you your teething ring that I had kept in fridge (not freezer- as instructed by Anne Charlish and Kim Davies in Book of Natural pregnancy and childcare) all night, I think you liked it, the cooling effect it had on your gums, You kept biting it for sometime.

 I hope this phase passes over quickly as it troubles me to see you in pain.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

At home today

Vihaan playing with sunshine, Akash playing games on mobile, 

 While Supreet (me) printed an old pillow cover,  I was bored with the same old look and thought of stamp printing some flowers :), it was possible as Akash kept vihaan busy while I completed my project, I wanted to print some more stuff to take care of :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

George is a good little monkey and always ready to ride off an adventure...Reading curious George in the park

What I heart...

First month of the New year,I was surfing the Internet and thinking about what I would love to do in this new year, what I would do different, I do have few things in my mind, some I can do and for some I will have to wait bit longer till we have a house of our own and till Vihaan is of a certain age, when he can take care of himself, may be in his 20'S.

Till the time I can dream about them...

Here is the list:

I want my very own Art room in my house,where I don't have to keep things locked up, stashed away, A room where everything is in my reach and where I can just be and create stuff I love.Something like the links below:

I like sewing, you can create so many beautiful things if you know how to sew, can surely add some charm to your home with so many sewing ideas, I wish I could...I intend to buy a really good sewing machine this year, so that I can make some beautiful stuff like below:

Crochet,Hmmm.....yup I wish I could make some nice designs like the the links below, just like that :)

An adventure trail, wow the mere idea lifts my soul and makes me go "Ga GA", I get this burst of energy every time I watch this video below...

So this is my list, and definitely this is not complete...there are many more things to be added...for now..that's it...will update the list soon.
This is what I heart...I would love to know what do you??