Friday, August 2, 2013

New chapter in my life

Beginning a new chapter in my life, yes...I m expecting, I missed by period and did a home test which came out to be positive, to be honest, I was bit scared initially, thousand thoughts just crossed my mind in that very fraction of second, I was happy as well, its a mix of both emotions, I woke Akash up from his sleep and showed him the test strip, it read two dark pink lines-Positive. He was happy, but sensed a bit of fear in my eyes, we talked about it,

I: Life is gonna change now,
He:  yes it will for sure, that's what life is all about,
I: I am bit scared, how will manage these 9 months and later on,
He:  you will, indeed very well, I am with you always. we do this together :)

Akash broke the news to his/mine folks, they were happy and ready with a list of Do's and Don'ts.

Today we had been to Obs doctor, choice of hospital and doctor was mine, as i was too jittery with whom I am gonna complete my 9 months journey, I chose Moolchand as I am comfortable with the hospital and doctors, had been there earlier. we entered the Doc's chamber, her question to me:

Doctor: So tell me,
I: I think I am expecting,
Doctor: Laughs, and says well that's a good news :)

She gave me few necessary supplements and general advice on things.

After that we went to a store "Mom & Me", I brought a pair of comfortable sandals and two maternity tops, peeked in other useful stuff as well, which will start to come-in in few months to follow.

I am thinking of starting a new routine now, including few things that I think are important now, like:
Daily prayers, meditation, and bit of exercise.

I thank god for making this happen to me and really need his blessings so that I be a better mom, whose heart is filled with love, compassion and lots of patience.I read one prayer today, which I have posted above.

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  1. Many congratulations.....n without any doubt you are going to be a perfect mom....God bless u n your baby.... :)