Monday, October 28, 2013

Up side down

Well hang on for a second!!!! Yes the title of my post is "up side down" it is so because darling my life seems to be so, well at least to me.... I am writing after a long time so you can very well imagine what I have been through...and I tell was not easy at all...I am not exaggerating but this is true, let me simplify its for you:

#1- I had to resign from work-Persistent headaches, one was severe enough to drag me to ER at night, yes I was not able to maintain that so called 'work- life balance", was popping pills daily for headaches, this was a big concern for me, so I had to resign.

#2-We shifted house to Dwarka, yes it was hectic but the house is worth it, it is well ventilated, the way I wanted it to be.Nowadays I am busy in setting things up, which is keeping me busy.

About my pregnancy, i am in my 2nd trimester, my belly is swollen, my gait is changing to duck swaddling, I can't sleep at night...frequent trips to WC...

In between, by getting inspired by the wonderful ladies of "A beautiful mess", today I painted an old side table and its looks amazing !!!

Akash posing as superman :)

My tired self 

Pin art heart, trying my hands on :)

Wall art, Just came to my mind 

Old Table I was talking about.

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