Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I don't know the exact moment when I conceived you, I wish I had....but you from that moment till this time,  you have been an inseparable part of me, we breath together,  we eat together,  and more importantly we are always together....you have grown inside me inch by inch and I have taken best possible care of you...given up most of my favourite things so that you grow up to be healthy....our relationship has been so intricate and yet I don't know how you are,  how you look and same goes for you as well, you don't know how your mother looks, what she is like.,..isn't this strange? ?  

How things change...I mean I never thought that gaining weight will be so important in life at one stage,  seeing my tummy swell will bring joy to my life...that I ll eagerly wait for my baby to kick me hard in the ribs...I would want tiny quakes to shake my belly :) and now I m ready to undergo a knife to see you, to hold you in my arms,  close to my heart...yes I have voluntarily chosen a cesarean section for delivery because I don't think I can carry out the process of normal delivery,  I m not that strong...my family understands and respects my decision.. & now as the time is approaching

I am bit anxious as to how you ll be, what that moment ll be like when we ll finally see eachother for the first time.

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