Saturday, April 5, 2014

Welcoming my little Angel

Finally my baby boy is here in my arms, all snuggled up as if still in the womb..,, born on 26th March....I am writing this post with moist eyes....suddenly I feel as a well of emotions is overflowing from my heart is filled with joy

I can't believe that I am a mother now,..I look at you while you are sleeping (which you do most of the time) & I wet my eyes..,, this feeling can't be put into words....thank you lord!! It has been 11 days now...looking at your serene face also scares me a bit....I don't know of I ll be able to take best care of you or not..., you are just so tiny that sometimes  I don't really understand what to do..., you cry a lot when I change your nappy , you almost hold your breath with your uncontrollable temper, I feel like crying too.... you sleep for most of the time and I keep checking every now & then if you are okay or not....I am too anxious....its that you are too precious that I don't want anything bad to happen to don't sleep peaceful at night and you wake up every once in a while and I lull you back to sleep, sometimes I feel as if you just need my warmth to feel secure, because when I hold you , you fall back asleep.....

I just pray to god that he guides me through this motherhood journey so that I take best possible care of you and I give you all the love and right set of values so that you grow up to be a great compassionate human being..

With love your mother!!


  1. While reading it even my eyes were moist...motherhood is a bful feeling n yes no1 cn xplain it in words....i welcome ur son in this bful world to be a great human being....lots n love....

  2. Thanks Dear...motherhood surely is a beautiful feeling....I hope I ll sail through rightly :)