Friday, August 14, 2015

Messy hair diary

Messy hair diary:

Imagine this: you got to go out, everything is ready and perfect and you are all set to shine but then you look at your hair, all messy, frizzy, unruly, euuuuhh!! That’s my story, it has always been that way since my yester years but lately after delivery and this journey into motherhood, it has become all the more grubby, disheveled, and to be honest enough, I  haven’t tended to them also, I haven’t cared enough, no oiling, no proper conditioning, nothing much!! Hmmm where is the time to do all that…I comb them, well that seems enough.  I have been thinking of possible solution to my messy hair story, questioning and counter questioning all in my mind:

Let’s go for a haircut?
We can but what if it turns out to be utter disaster, makes it even more unmanageable,  what will I do then??  no let’s consider other options first. So Haircut!!

Ok, the how about hair straightening/smoothing therapy?
A) it’s expensive and
B) They are going to apply so many smelly chemicals on my head, and the aftercare is heck!! just too much,
 so a big NOOO, hair straightening/smoothing therapy

What are my options here?? a bit of care, oiling, and conditioning, can work wonders, let’s try that first….it will not happen overnight i know, A lot of care and disciplined regimen is what I need for now!! after all I have no other choice !!

And while I have come to the end of this post, I have convinced Akash to give me a coconut oil head massage ;) so got to go  :)

Have a happy weekend!!

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