Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year New Start

New year New start

New year! I want to do things differently this year, make healthy choices, invest my time and money in fitness...I don't want to jump the gun here but yes I have been going for a walk early morning since a week now, started on 26th December, for past 1 week I did brisk walking for some 3.5 km's and today I increased my target goal to 4 km's, it wasn't easy though, after I completed my usual target of 3.5, I did felt little weak in my legs but then lady from my running app very softly whispered in my ears - You can do it, we are almost there ☺ and that sort of brought smile on my face, it cheered me up! And I went ahead to complete my goal. The best part is that I can track my every move, see my pace , my speed on the screen! How many kilometres I cover, that's why I choose a different route each day, what is the point of walking the same route, same bend, same curve daily, when I know where I am going to land at the end. Feels good to know that to some extent I have been able to over come my desire to snooze the alarm and slip under the covers for some more time, to over come the urge to not getting up, this was the biggest challenge for me, and I have awakened to the fact that -If we do what we can do, then God will do what we Can't ☺ and here I stand corrected! 

I am going to keep my faith and keep going! Because I am loving my matutinal ritual :)

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