Monday, October 12, 2015

194/365 & Play time stories- "Angy" (An-Jee) The Aligator

Playtime stories-"Angy" (An-Jee) The Alligator

It was humid day in Mumbai, a mother (I) and son (Vihaan) were busy with their daily errands.  Vihaan was busy shouting and running around when I went to pick clothes from laundry line and behold, what I saw knocked the breath out of my lungs, It was an Alligator!!

But wait a minute, aren't Alligators only found in America and china?? This is what I was thinking, when this Ferocious being said, Hey there, I m Angy (An- Jee),I have a habit of sleep walking and last night when I was sleeping in America I happened to somehow board a plane to India in my sleep walking and ended up being here in Mumbai. I was so terrified, i couldn't recognize anybody and all this while I was roaming here and there when I heard you guys!! and out of curiosity I came to see you!!

Aww !! isn't that sweet, Vihaan wit his tender little hands picked Angy up, and started talking to him, touching it's milky white teeth and spinning wheels!! Angy wasn't ferocious at all, in fact it is a friendly little buddy of ours now :)

"Angy" likes to eat fishes, turtles and other mammals.... Angy really liking it here and has decided to be with us for some time, lets see how it goes....

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