Friday, December 4, 2015

My 32nd Birthday

I turned 32 on November 8th. My friend Jo (Josna), (yep, that's what I call her now) gave me a wonderful surprise party. She arranged for a yummy cake, did all the decorations secretly at her place and then called me up on 3rd November to her apartment, I along with Vihaan went there as usual casually, and then what I saw just touched my heart, balloons, lighting, cakes, and music....I did wet my eyes, I was happy and at the same time also touched by her sweet gesture.

I had to leave for Jammu on 4th Nov, so she gave me surprise beforehand. 
some relationship's are just meant to be, no matter from where you are? or what are you are? when it clicks..right? yes, that what is between two of us.

Spending time with her is the wonderful thing, at times we don't talk much about ourselves, it's just Kids and kids, but still it feel good to be together.

Thanks Jo for this gesture, I will cherish it for the lifetime, and I am saving it here in my blog forever!


  1. hey hey!!! thanks Supreee!!!! U deserve that little surprise treat .....There goes a saying that " The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul"..And in my case its very true to have you as my new bestie....