Saturday, December 5, 2015

What is life?

Tonight, as I write this post, I hear the clinking of the spoon in the kitchen, Akash is brewing coffee for me, It was a request from me for a cup of hot coffee... 

This clicking sound takes me far deeper in my thoughts, and I think, what is life?

It is being born
Being loved my your family
Making friends
falling in love
having to undergo heart breaks
sulking about being treated unfairly
Falling in love again
dreaming of a future
setting up  goals
working hard for achieving your goal
then realizing that not all your goals were realistic
feeling depressed
getting married
those initial years when love is in the air :)
having a baby
then everything about the baby, all the time baby baby  baby
ouch! occasional skirmishes over the baby
Well, that's what is happening in here right now ;)

My coffee is brewed and absolutely ready...I am going to gulp it down, lie in the arms of my sweetheart, close my eyes, and stop the tape that is playing out in my head, that says, "what is life? :)

Good night!!