Sunday, July 7, 2013

Travelling a thousand miles...

Books have always fascinated me, I mean as you read a books that really connects with you, you somehow tend to feel that you are actually a part of the lives of the characters in the book and everything is happening in front of your eyes...well it happens to me, as the author describes the character and physical appearances, I feel as if I am actually in front of that person and having a first hand experience of the this way I travel a thousand miles...sometimes to wintry Afghanistan laden with snow,  to Niagara falls, to hot and humid arid desert, to some remote village in US, sometimes to "Road to Santiago", sometimes to the beach where sea gulls are flying high up in the sky...and so on...and at times you cry when the person in the book is crying and sometimes you laugh out loud when they are laughing...sometimes you feel the pain of separation and sometimes you moist your eyes when they re-unite...and all this happens in fraction of seconds, while we are oblivious to our own world....when the tiny wings of the books take you to an all together different time and different world. for me this is a complete bliss....and guess where I had been 5 minutes earlier???  it was Greece, in 1940's Chevrolet...  :)

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