Saturday, July 13, 2013

You know you are an Indian...

Taadaa!!!I successfully completed my level 1 in Spanish, scored 71/100 (which I am so proud of ). now I can:
Talk in spanish, just present tense currently.
I know that :"Bailamos means- lets dance
Te quiero amor mio" means, I want you my love.
Uno, dos tres-means 1, 2, 3 and
que' sera sera-means whatever will be will be.
That mean I can go to Spain and I won't be lost ;)
 and today was my 1st class in level 2.
After my class, Akash and I had been to select city, I happened to pass through this store "Chumbak" which means "magnet" (actually I got attracted to the stuff in the display window, hmmm...I think the name of the store has something to do with this). I saw the beautiful Tin and couldn't stop my self from buying one.  It has a beautiful/funny description of "how you know that you are talking to an Indian"...well some of the stuff is actually true... and ....for me, I will say "I am truly an Indian"...go figure it out yourself ;)  :P

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