Wednesday, July 1, 2015

90/365 / Bigfoot on the scooter / Playtime Stories

90/365 / Bigfoot on the scooter / Playtime Stories

It was not so usual day for us, we (I and Vihaan) were busy playing in the yard when we heard a loud Peep-Peep!!

It seemed to be coming from the corn and coriander  beds!! But who could be there?? 
we went ahead to have a closer look, and behold Loo!! what we saw was so unthinkable, so unrealistic,   "Big Foot" riding a scooter :O

It had traveled all the way from the Dark dense forest to our kitchen garden on it's Pink scooter ;) Bigfoot told us that it likes it  munches on the corn and chilles, and peas, and mint, and all the veges in the garden!!

and we asked it that there is a lot of discussion about its existence, would it like to say something about that?? Bigfoot replied that it will continue to exist and be seen by the beings that believe in its existence and the one's that do not, he will never come close to them ....

it said that it has also changed over the years, earlier it used to trek on its two legs and it was so tiring but now it has a super fast scooter and travelling anywhere is so easy :)

After a long casual chat in the afternoon sun, as a token to love, Bigfoot gifted Vihaan its pink scooter, Bigfoot indeed has a biggg Heart as well!!

Vihaan just fell in love with the scooter!!

While Vihaan spent rest of his day playing with the scooter, the Bigfoot had an afternoon siesta under the shade of a tomato plant :)

Thank you so much!! We love you Bigfoot!!

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