Saturday, July 4, 2015

92/365 and Evening Tea

92/365 and Evening tea

It was the time of early vespers and the plan of going out and for our evening tea was made in a jiffy, mom made tea and i made some cauliflower and onion pakoras, packed everything in our picnic bag and set out for Mughal gardens!! that's what I will always love about Kashmir, life is so simple and beautiful, you plan things and you get out , that's it, you don't have to worry about traffic, congestion and above all you have plenty of places where you can sit with family without unnecessary distractions, you can spend some quality time while having tea and watching the sun go down the horizon, it's breathtaking and simply beautiful, but in a metro all you have is shopping malls to go to, there is cacophony, dazzling with artificial lights to make you even more dull :(  !!

Coming back to our tea time, so on the way we have a lengthy discussion where to go because the choices are so many, I wanted to go to Botanical Garden, its vast, as far as eye can has a beautiful pond... but mom wanted to go to Chamashahi, it's on the height, in the Zabarwan mountain and you get to see the view of entire Dal lake!! Dad was neutral ;) and Vihaan was least concerned about our discussions, he was busy watching the tree tunnels on the finally we headed for Mom's the we had our refreshing tea , the weather had changed, it was sunny when we arrived and soon there was a cloudy overcast...with mild puffs enveloping everything around!! 

Vihaan had fun running around, giggling and playing with water... and when  the sun went down we headed back to our Home sweet home!!

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