Sunday, July 19, 2015

Right words....

Right words!!! are not always easy to find, sometimes they are like a moon shrouded by the dark night in the heart of sky, unseen, covert, clouded, and veiled!!

and sometimes you struggle hard to catch hold of them, and often when vulnerable emotionally, the right words seem to be like the so infamous Mistral wind, accelerating when passing through the galvanic farcical temporary psychological state of mind!! blowing away the grit of memories and making the marbles little more luminous ( which is not always for the good) !!

Right words!! sometimes come so easily,unheralded like the first ray of sunshine, combination of bright light and radiant heat, warming body and soul!, fueling the very existence!! enhancing the growth of the our invaluable relationships!!

Right words!! if only you can find!!

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