Friday, February 8, 2013

Fruit/Vegetable/Herb of the week- once in a week-every week

I thought of starting the series "Fruit/Vegetable/Herb of the week, once a week every week.

I am currently reading 2 books, one is "The miracle juice diet" by Amanda Cross and 2nd is "Ayurveda for women" by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda.....both the books are quite enlightening and loaded with information.  I will be sharing passages from these 2 books and also from my experience and practice.

To begin with Lets start with " papaya"

Papaya is known to aid digestion from centuries, it contains enzyme "Papain":which helps in digestion by breaking down protein.

It gives protection against cancer and is known to replenish lost levels of Vitamin C, making it very good choice for smokers.Smoking break downs Vitamin C causing its excretion from body.

Papaya juice helps in curing colon infections.

Shampoos that contain papaya help control dandruff.

Contraindicated in pregnancy/breast feeding/bleeding disorders/if you are on blood thinning medications.  people who are very sensitive.

Sharing one recipe from The miracle juice diet" by Amanda Cross:

Recipe name:Deep Breath:

Quite often if you are stressed you will find that your digestion and circulation are affected, which will leave you feeling fatigued. try out this one


Mix all the ingredients,  blend the juice with/without  ice cubes in a blender.