Monday, February 25, 2013

It Ain't the destination, its the ride!!!

Today is one of those introspection days for me, time for a helicopter review as it is said, I see my life as it has marched forwards with faith and full pride, keeping head high, overcoming adversities.  what i thus far conclude is "you move forwards and in that marching the only thing that is important is how well you pace your steps, how you begin, because if you begin in haste, you will probably not pay attention to the road you are marching on and will definitely miss out on the important milestones/caution signs that you passed.

If you begin slowly, hesitant to take the first step, pondering on how/what will happen, then again you will not be able to cherish the journey because you will always be thinking "to be or not to be"

For me, I have gone through both the phases, that's why now I conclude that "Road that you follow/pass through, you should pay attention to that, because at the end, you are only going to remember how it started and where it ended and nothing in between and its is important to remember every bend, every curve and every diversion in between, the choices that you made in journey will definitely reflect the sort of person you are.

If you seek happiness in life then should't the process for that be, being happy.  contentment just doesn't come with making peace with letting go, it also stays by making peace with the void.

And journey goes on!!!

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  1. And I love the way you have clicked the jewellery pic's...seems that you are getting all geared up!!!

  2. Yup... it took me all day to click those pix...but it was good and felt like i still have time for myself apart from taking care of ibrahim and home.