Friday, June 21, 2013

Celebrations-Akash's 30th birthday

Its was Akash's 30th birthday this Thursday...whohooo...he just turned 30th and he still seems to me that "charming college boy", time really flies does!! however I am still so much in love with him...Well for this birthday, I decided to take him along to Baker for his choice of cake...I thought of engaging him in everything rather than surprisingly jumping out with a cake at 12.00 midnight, I have done that for years but this time I thought of something else, I thought of going with him instead to pick up his choice of cake...which worked out perfectly as planned, I chose rather I will say he immediately fell in  love with mango and cream cake..this was a different flavor for both us and it turned out to be delish...

In the morning we went to Indian Habitat Center  an amazing place...rays of sunlight sliced through beautiful palm trees, birds were chirping high up and breeze squeezed through tightly knit needle shaped sum it was a calm composed beautiful place. we enjoyed our breakfast in All American Diner...She- eggs and bacon and He- waffle sandwich with an amazing cafe late'...(you should really try that), in between we talked and talked and talked, both of us really needed a break from the monotonous, office -home,and at the end of the day...we both fall asleep as soon as the cheek meets the pillow...exhausted, We really  needed this little time together with one another..I clicked few pictures and then we went to Hauz khas..were Akash ended up buying me a satchel....from there we took it to Select city  we spend good amount of time in crosswords, book the end of the day..both us were so tired that we went to salon..He-Foot massage and She-Head massage.

This was an amazing birthday that we have ever celebrated...and we are looking forward to another one....even better than this one ;)

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