Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little music to my ears...

Life is so busy lately that i have had hardly any time to write anything, however there was a flood of thoughts inside my cranium, no matter how busy I am, I always have ample time to analyize life and its blessings, n blessings in disguise as well....I had no time to rest even, these past few weekends have been so tiring as well. Sometimes I think, why am I rushing so fast, why have I programmed my brain to follow this cumbersome routine day in and day out, what if I change my routine entirely now, do what I have always desired to do, well I dont know whether I will ever be able to overcome this monotnous routine and change things in my life, but I am working towards it..... Meanwhile my neighbour gave me her love birds since she had to go out of town, and I will be taking care of them for next 15 days,although it pains me to see them caged, they are meant to be free, soar high in the sky, spread their wings and fly away...but here they are caged, being fed on same seeds day after day....that's what man has done to other beings....he caged animals,tamed them for his own means and exploited them :(

Besides giving us company, birds get up early in the morning and wake us up with their sweet melody.I gave these birds a different diet today in addition to their usual boring meal, I placed crumbles of "Rusk" to see if they might be happy to taste a different food today, and when i went back to check on them, I was happy to see that they were busy in crunching it :) meanwhile I am searching what else can be given which will be safe for them.

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