Monday, June 17, 2013

Super Sunday

Hooohaaa....I am loving it.It was super duper Soggy Sunday. I love rain and not to mention I have stressed on this fact many a times, and I love to just roam around in rain, so last Sunday we (me and husband) planned a day out, we had to visit a new wed friends place.
We went to CP and good gracious I missed not a single tiny opportunity to click a picture and I clicked everthing and everyone I loved, and people also supported me by giving their precious time and smiles for the clicks.It was not raining that heavily, just slight drizzling. We got chocolates for the couple and enjoyed a finger licking good food, shared few of our memories over a cup of warming masala tea. They had a beautiful terrace which we utilized to the fullest for clicking pictures and sharing giggles in the rain.

On the way back home, we again hopped to CP, although I had planned to gift Akash a wrist watch but I couldn't keep myself from asking him to choose one for it was not a surprise anymore...we ended up buying one then and there as his birthday will be on Thursday, 20th June, and it would have been difficult for me to take time out from office to buy the that means surprise is no more a surprise and I would have to think of some other surprise gift besides watch that he already has now...apart from this everything was great, anyways I will think of something as well :)

May seem to be an overload of pics but I couldn't help myself from uploading all ;)

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