Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dancing in the rain :)

Saturday turned out to be a great day, ahhh..we had a bit of relief from this scorching heat...It rained heavily today. I came back home from my spanish class, it was my exam today and by the time I reached home, it started to rain...I rushed for my camera and clicked few pictures...I also recorded this video, I love the sound of rain , listening to it somehow takes me to different world altogether...and I start to dream with open eyes....I wander over the hills and dales, I cross the beautiful flower laden bathe in splurging rude ebbing streams, climb trees...I walk over the green grass laden paths ...I sing with birds and dance with butterflies...and I feel that tickle when the blades of the green grass touch my bare feet..yes...I am dreaming again as I am writing this post and I hear my heart beating next to my ears...that's the effect of rain on me...its like meditation for me...refreshing me deeply

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