Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Paper flowers + Introspection

Today I am not feeling my best self, I was in my bed till 11.00 AM clinging on to the quilt and not ready to get up. I was thinking about stuff, about my life ahead, about the baby, how my life will be. I was also thinking about the future of my i am not posting every day...right now I am not too busy but with each advancing day I am getting tired, I feel lethargic, its still the 4th month only...what will happen to me in coming months and once the baby is final my arms.... how will I manage routine. I will be on my toes all the time.... I will be busy in the world of diapers, burps, sleepless nights...I know a baby smile is the priceless thing  in the world... May be I am too paranoid at the moment....or its state of my mind while I am blogging, I don't all will be clear in coming months....

However after so much pondering and brain jostling, I managed to drag myself out of bed...I made few DIY paper flowers...I also tried doily paper to make some flowers...though they look plain,Ii think it will be better idea to color the doily paper first and then make flowers. There is a lot to be done as Diwali is just around the corner....we also got a beautiful brass lamp as today was Dhanteras, and its good to buy gold or utensils on this brings good luck and was titillating to go out as the market was dazzling with chandeliers, elegant light fixtures,contemporary to ultra chic gift ideas, rangoli color,  flowers and was a refreshing site.

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