Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am in my 5th month now....feeling the changes in my body, it seems as if in an overnight my weight has increased, and the girth of my belly has increased too...I feel little unsteady may be beacuse of the shift of gravity....on the other note...my backache is lot better and so is my frequent urinary urgency, now I can sleep better at night. And I am eagerly waiting for my baby to be in my arms....I can't wait for that moment :) but I guess that's what this 9 months journey tells us; to be patient and let the baby grow inside...

This picture was gifted to me by my friend, Anshul, she is a wonderful artist and its her own creation, this is the most amazing,  heart warmimg gift that I have ever recieved....everytime I glance at this pic, I moist my eyes.....Thanks Anshul for this beautiful drawing.... I am going to frame this one :D

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