Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thoughts on turning 30

Here it comes the day, night, the seasons...yes I am talking about my birthday, which is tomorrow (8th Nov)....but this time it's making me anxious....why?? Because it's my 30th birthday (oh my god)...I am turning 30 tomorrow.....where did all the years went by?? I have no clue....and now this figure of 30 is knocking on my door.....its no big deal you may say but wait a minute....think about it....even the characters in famous show "friends" were overwhelmed when it was Joey's 30th birthday..... there is so much to do in life...I m going to be a mom soon....I am not so sure whether what I am writing is making an sense or not but I am bit (ok a more than a bit) anxious currently..I tried to but i don't know how to express my self....

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