Monday, March 16, 2015

Around here

Trees are trembling, leaves are shivering and thunder resonating while we remain safe indoors.

Today i have this real bad headache....While it rains heavily outside, I hum a soothing tune,  anoint my palms with little warm mustard oil and place them on my temples,  warmth melts something inside me and very silently tears run down my cheeks,  glisten on my lashes....I feel little lighter... little better....throbbing in my head subsides.

I hear Vihaan giggling...he is holding a laddoo loaded with ghee, cashews, and nuts in his right hand... crushing it eagerly....he  is happy.... and I am happy to see him surrounded with joy.


  1. Thank you Haddock!! Thanks for taking out time and visiting the blog.

    The beautiful interplay of clouds and sunshine was so captivating that I couldn't resist click few shots!!