Sunday, March 15, 2015

Visit to a Deer park

I had been planning an outing to a nearby local park, It has many of endangered and vulnerable animal species of our state, but due to persistent rainfall we couldn't go out, this park is approximately 30 steps away from our place, located on the foothills of Manda hills...

Today I decided to visit this park , while Vihaan was at home with his grandma, I left home around 4.00 in the evening, clicked few pictures and returned back by 5.00 PM. I enjoyed this little me time and trekking in slight drizzle.

and now I am waiting for a sunny day so that I can take Vihaan along with me, I am sure that he will enjoy being there!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks....There was a lot more to click but my camera batteries got exhsusted :(

  2. That click of peacock just so amazing 😍

    1. Thanks Josna....I am so fascinated by the sheer beauty of the peacock...amazing colours....melodious screeching! !