Thursday, March 12, 2015

Craving for little time for myself

I look at myself, dry hands, dry lips, rough skin, matted hair..., I wonder, is this real me ??,  I feel like an alien in this body.... just then a cohort of crows flies past in the sky... taking me along... I get lost in deep thoughts.

I feel pain, tension knots in my neck all the way down to the spine and throbbing in my temples...and on the top of it, Vihaan is little more edgy then usual....his grandma prepares her Aarti platter for ritual, ritual that is believed to dilute harmful energies and cast away evil spirits that may have seeped in during the day. She lights up a flame, adds camphor, sage, and few more fragrant and holy herbs, it burns brightly and she waves the flame clockwise 3 times, in the sequence- right shoulder, forehead, left shoulder and down to the knees.  Vihaan watches with fascination, he smiles and coos...

I get into the trance for a brief second, tnis camphor flame, fragrant smoke takes me to a different world altogether, to a limitless ocean as if to a womb... and I feel like floating in the warm water like a foetus... I feel all new...I feel light as a feather....I feel at peace..., and then... Vihaan jumps in my lap and brings me back to my former self, back to reality...and I feel tired once again...., how much I long for little "me time".

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