Sunday, January 24, 2016

3 Things you should clean everyday

If you are thinking about your teeth, taking a bath, or doing the dishes, then here is something important for you to know! Yes, besides maintaining our personal hygiene, there are many more things that need our attention and cleaning every day, I will be talking about the 3 things today. 

1-Kitchen Sponge:

Your kitchen sponge is the most important thing that needs proper cleaning, and it is the most common thing that gets easily infected with germs, ideally you should be changing your kitchen sponge frequently, I change it every 2 months, but if you think that your sponge needs replacement before that then please do that! Every time you wash do your dishes, clean you sponge thoroughly too and let it sit in your kitchen window and soak up some sun! 

2-Kitchen Sink: 

Especially the sides & corner, yes it needs daily cleaning too. During the process of cleaning, it gets sticky and dirty and coated with oil, making it ideal breeding ground for germs, clean it off from oil and gunk every time you clean your dishes. 

3- Bath sponge/ loofah :

Yup, after a good refreshing bath, you should clean your bath sponge, usually, the shower area is damp and a perfect place for pathogens to grow and flourish, because sponge is porous, it soaks up water and along with that bits of our dead skin and dirt, that's why it is advisable to clean it under running water, squeeze it off and let it dry in sunshine so that you stay healthy and happy every day!

Stay clean stay healthy be happy!

Photocredits:Pixabay and Photopin

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Motherhood- Holy guacamole

Motherhood-Holy Guacamole

 When people tell you that it's the right time to have a baby, they are talking about your body and your age, but it's not just that. It's not just the age that matters while you are planning to have a baby, it's a mix of many things. Physical health, psychic component, right perspective about life is what all needs to be in place. 

Everyone knows that being a mother is not that easy, it demands a lot, after all, you have a life to nurture, to take care of, to teach about life and it's doings. It demands selfless love- literally.

 You need to be healthy to take care of your child. Health is wealth and who so ever had said that surely knew the blessing of a healthy life. If you are not well, you cannot give your 100 percent and wearing the motherhood shoes demands a lot of running around, and most of the time it is a one-legged race and the shoes are pretty heavy ones,

It is like juggling things, and the stuff you are busy juggling is most precious and delicate, and you cannot miss out any of it, all of it is very very important.

 I read a quote somewhere "I don't want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband" yes it's true. It will be you burning the nights and not expected to let the smoke out, you will have to keep it contained inside, initially, you do it but then it's not humanly possible, and some day it will just explode, fill up the air between you and your spouse and suffocate you guys unless one of you opens the window and lets the fresh air in so that you can breathe and see each other clearly again like you used to till the time the hypnotism is shaken off by a shrill baby cry and you rush again to the farthest corner of the room . It definitely is straining for the couples. 

It teaches you the intricate art of doing things with one hand because the other hand is busy holding the baby. 

Your social circles takes a toss:
 Your friend pings you; wanna grab a cup of coffee at 3.00 
You: yeah sure, oh no its baby's nap time, maybe some other time. 

Friend: Hey I was in your town, and you didn't call me up ( happened with me last week) 
You: Oh yeah, sorry, baby had a loose gut, so all I was doing was diaper change, diaper in bin, baby in cot, one more bout, then again diaper change, diaper in bin, baby in cot, one more bout, then again diaper change, diaper in cot, baby in bin....wait a second, did I say baby in bin? Aarrghhh....I am stressed out :( I hope you understand. 

Seriously when I am going out, my bag is full and loaded with baby wipes, diapers, extra clothing, baby food, water stuff...I don't even know where I kept my shades, my wrist watch...phew who needs them anymore :o

 You are so tired to change into anything while going out and wearing yoga pants seems the best possible option and you have no complaints about that. Style quotient goes on a vacation :)

 Off diaper time is a warm jet of freshly brewed pee on your face, ahh! Refreshing. 

And when finally your baby is fast asleep, you are exhausted, you look like a drug addict...but then you marvel at the beauty, the innocence, the calmness on his face, your heart overflows with love, your eyes brim up with tears, you feel a lump in your throat and kiss that face and you thank God for the sweetest gift and if by any chance baby wakes up are dead!! mind it...nobody should disturb a sleeping baby..

It's like that!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Prayer

Sometimes there is a lot going on inside,
A sea of questions surging high in a full moon night, calm otherwise but on certain nights, it surges high! Gently pulled but harshly pushed by silver glistening moonlight
A rolling thunder far far away, but loud enough to give you jitters,
A hurricane, mighty enough to cause an upheaval of otherwise well-tamed emotions.
When there is so much happening Inside, what do you do?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Budget Diaries - First in-First out & Shelf life (Project understanding the shelf life of Fruits and vegetables)

Budget Diaries - First in-First out & Shelf life (Project understanding the shelf life of Fruits and vegetables) 

In my yester years I thought, how boring it will be being a house maker, you got to do nothing, sit all day long, my this statement might invoke a reaction of anger in some people but that's what I used to think, but not any more, being a homemaker is the most crucial things of all, it's a whole department in itself, and like any other organisation or business, it too requires strategic planning, trust me! You need to have a roadmap, do timely reviews, check performance matrices, change the action plans if expenditures go overboard, manage finances, make Gantt charts and if you are modern house maker, the tech savvy one like me, you will want to keep all of it documented, for future references as well. That's what I figured out. At workplace we used follow a FIFO approach for our work volumes, meaning first in-first out, what comes first goes first, and that used to help us manage our work better with least chances of miss outs and escalations. That's what I have been doing with my vegetables now! We usually stock up a week's supply of veggies and earlier by the end of the week many times I used to throw some in the bin because it used to be rotten, yup! Disgusting right? But true, that's a lot of wastage. Not anymore, I am focusing this time on the shelf life and FIFO approach. Understanding shelf life makes it easier to focus on what to consume first so that you get a nutrient dense food, and there is no wastage also. Like I said, managing household is a whole science in itself, you got to know it, learn it, master it!