Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guest in my Garden....Part 2

Is this Gary Langur!!!!! was my reaction when i saw something sitting on the  mulberry tree on the front gate... Yes it was a Gary Langur...I rushed inside for my camera and clicked it few times,I offered a guava which it took happily and after few bites it was thrown away...

This langur is an appointed security guard on duty to scare the Macaques in our society. The Macaques often roam around uninvited and disturb the locals, Langurs keep them away rather scare them from entering the society.

Sitting on the wall....This mulberry tree is just outside the gate.

Was more interested in the leaves, as mulberry leaves are sweet in taste.


  1. Seems u have shifted to jungle.....;)waise its fun to hv such cute uninvited guest to cm to home....

  2. hahaha...I would love to shift to a jungle...You know me how much nature lover I am, I can spend my entire life just walking through the woods...writing poetry under a willow and so much more...

  3. How cool! I don't know what I would do if I saw one of those outside my window!

    1. Hey Brittney, If you happen to see one outside your window just let me know ;). On a serious note they are pretty harmless, they like potatoes and fruits so you can bribe your way out..