Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holi trip!!

First of all let me tell you that I missed blogging  a lot!!! I couldn't blog for almost 2 weeks, firstly because we were planning a trip to Akash's hometown and secondly as we were finally there... it was a fun trip, mixed bag of emotions, he was meeting his parents after 8 months!!! we spent 5 days there and I enjoyed a lot, clicked lot of  pictures as well, I found few of the stuff that i had given Akash when we were studying, little things that i used to make and gift him to tell him that i love him...hahaha that was so funny...well that's what innocence is all about...We also found a treasure of "Archies comics" in an old wooden trunk...!!! 

May seem to be an overload of pics but I just couldn't help myself from uploading them all !!! please bear with me :)

This pink rose in the garden seemed to be so inviting!!

View from the roof top

Akash's Mom

Holi splash

I really loved this spiral staircase

White rose at its best

Honey bee oblivious of my presence

Akash trying to ride an old model scooter, here and in few of the pictures below!!

This is an amazing bulb, amazing because its huge!!

Trying to capture sunshine :)

My favorite place in the house

Grape vine

A tiny yellow bloom

Archies comics which we found in attic

A tiny cup which I had gifted Akash

I really like this one :)


  1. Truely amazing pictures...n yes i missed ur blogs...though i dnt get myself much of time to write a i always checkdin to check for ur new is fun n great way to stay connected wth u.

  2. These words are so encouraging for me...thank you. I was so caught up in nitty gritties that I hardly had any time left for blogging, we reached Delhi today and picking up the camera and laptop was the first thing I did.

    BTW I am thinking of joining a photography learning school,do you have any idea ??

  3. Well joining a photography school is a waste of is an art n u learn it vn u keep clicking....your pictures look of a just enjoy clicking n dnt get into technical things...