Friday, March 22, 2013

The Swan Effect!!!

Today I was reading something and I came across a word "Swan effect", It just got stuck in my head...Swan effect, swan effect, swan effect...what is this Swan effect...I finally goggled it, it said "on the surface you see a swan moving gracefully through the water, but underneath there is a whole lot of paddling going on" wow...what an analogy...beautiful. 

you really have to be like a swan, so elegant, so graceful, sailing through so beautiful that who ever sees it, sees beauty, perfection, and elegance but at the same time you have to work hard,put an effort, bring discipline in your life....what ever you do, do it gracefully, stay calm and look elegant.


  1. Well tats i suppose if the angle is from beneath the water, story wud b all 2gethr diffrnt.... ;)....Nice thought.

    1. True dear friend...I also read about "Black swan theory" but couldn't understand a word ;)