Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let there be light!!

This picture is from one of the go laucher themes, i fell for it the moment I saw it, I tweaked it a bit according to my thought today {which was, let there be light :)  }

I pray to lord to reveal what is hidden from my sight, but which I should know to fullfill the commetment that I made to him and have forgotten.I read somwhere that, when we are born, god tells us everything that we need to know, he reveals all the mysteries, all the intracacies of life...and then he puts a finger on our lips and presses it hard so that we keep quite and let those mysteries reveal themselves while we are on earth......and that's why we have a depression on our upper lip.....its a sign/constant reminder of the fact that he has told us everthing and has promised to be with us no matter what, and we have to be patient and when in trouble, we have to be calm, quite, and connect with our inner self to seek answers that he has already told us.

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