Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6th month...

Its my 6th month, things are going fine, my baby is moving and I feel the movements every now and then, it feels amazing :)  Baby is  growing and as the time will progress there will be less room for it....which I have already started to feel.....I feel occasional stretch in my abdomen...especially after meals. well dear baby I know its not that easy for you as well..

I am making a baby bed sheet, I learned this embroidery stuff in high school and thought of giving it a shot,  it looks preety fine..., it will be complete in few weeks. Guess what I am not alone in this motherhood journey, there is a pigeon hatching its beautiful eggs on our porch window....


  1. Finally after waiting for so long I get to read a blog from u... Good that u hv started to communicate with ur baby...keep doing that and in return it will keep kicking u ;) God Bless you and have a wonderful motherhood ahead.

  2. Thanks for the kind & inspirational are always there to give me moral boost when it's most needed :)