Friday, December 20, 2013

Story so far

They were young, full of energy,  they believed in love,  in soul mates...they used to gaze at starry sky at night thinking about the love of their life,they used to write poems. Then they met...oh no it was not the "love at first sight" thing, but with time something changed , they were drawn towards eachother....the girl was "damsel in distress", the boy was her saviour,  her hero....they fell in was a beautiful feeling,  they found their soulmate....then they got married....they loved passionatly, they also fought over trivial things...she cried and he madeup, both said their share of sorries....they laughed, cried, made plans, and so much more....and now they are starting a new chapter,  they are going to be  parents :)  they are happy and anxious too....that's their story so far...