Monday, December 9, 2013


Today I woke up a bit late than usual at 9am....I felt some of leakage, initially I paid no attention, I thought it was just like that....but after a seconds it stuck me that it should not happen....I mean it could me fluid surrounding the baby and that really shook me below was shaken and I actually felt weak in my knees.....I told Akash and we headed to the hospital. We left home by 9.30 and to add up  to my worries, there was traffic congestion everywhere....roads were packed and it was really frustrating. I felt my heart beating in my ears...all sort of scary thoughts were just playing out in my mind.

We reached hosptal by 12 doctor examined and announced that there was nothing to worry as infection seems to be the cause of the discharge, she gave few pills and an told me to follow up after 3 days....   This feeling that your baby might be distressed really knocks the breath out of your lungs and the assurance that it is well and health really works like magic, it brings tears of joy and smile on your lips....I was relieved.

I have realised that motherhood is the most amazing thing that a woman experiences....its very difficult to explain the bond that you share with the tiny being in your belly but it makes you feel complete and more than any thing else a mother is always concerned about the safety and wellbeing of its child.

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