Monday, December 30, 2013

This hour :

It is  7 pm, I m alone.....its quiet inside but outside it's thundering hard, its raining,  freezing winter wind is blowing mercilessly.....I can feel the chill....I peek out of  the window and see the mother pigeon,  sitting cosyly on it's newborns, it worries me as I know it's very cold outside,  I should do something....but what should I do? I throw a piece of cloth at it, I want her to grab this piece of cloth and wrap it round it's newborns....but it moves further away not sensing what I want it to won't understand I say to myself and close the window but I am not at rest, I check again and again but the cloth lies untouched....I look heaven wards and pray to God,  to take best care of the birds,.., it thunders again and this time more loudly....making me more glum....   I retire from the window to my bed, turn on the heater pull of my moccasin socks and sit quietly listening to the beating of raindrops on the window sill...hoping it to stop soon...that's all what I can do for now...

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