Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013-Year Review

2013 is about to end...., couple of hours and it will become history....that's what happens with bygones...I am writing this post not in one go, I am writing this post in my mind while I m brushing my teeth, while I m combing my hair, I am writing while I m cooking in the kitchen.....while I m watching tv.....and so on....and that's how I m writing this post.

This year has been generous to me, it has given me many good memories and also opportunities to fulfil my ambitions for which I m thankful. This year is also special because we, me & Akash, we decided to be responsible for bringing another human being in this world,  out of seed of love and purity,  not for the sake of continuity of generation but for the continuity of humanity.

I hope that 2014 is promising as 2013 was, even more than that....I hope it brings love, luck, and joy to our life....Wishing for a happy new year for everyone.

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