Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be what you are!!

Please pardon my french in this post but at times you have to speak what you think (not all the times however -;) ) It really doesn't matter how beautiful you are, or how attractive you look, or whether you the center of attraction or not, what matters is how you make people feel, how comfortable they are around you, how much you appreciate people around you. Just wear you smile everyday when you get ready for the day and you will see how magic happens around you.
We all have gone through the stage in our life when we are  teens and worried about our looks, we all face that emotional and mental pressure when we compete with our own invisible perceptions about our looks, our life....and I thank god for the choices that I made because they made me what I am today and I am proud of that.
So next time when you feel bogged down like a sack of rice, just remember, you have your smile, calm and composed thing on your shoulders and your kind heart and that's what you really need to overcome any complexity in life

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