Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mystery of life

Currently I am reading "The book of woman" by Osho, I read a touching story which I would like to share

"A man was purchasing a christmas present for his son, man was a well known mathamatician, so the shopkeeper brought out a jigsaw puzzle. The mathamatician tried and tried, and tried, and started perspiring, it was akward, everybody was looking at him, the shopkeeper, the salesman, the customers, he was not able to bring the puzzle to a solution, finally he dropped the idea and shouted at the shopkeeper, "I am a mathamatician and if I cant solve this puzzle, how do ya think my small boy will be able to?".

The shopkeeper replied, it is made in such a way that nobody can solve it, the mathamatician asked, but why is it made in such a way??  Shopkeeper replied "so that a boy from the beginning starts learning that everything in life cannot be solved, cannot be understood"

At times we are too much focused in solving life's mysteries that we pay no attention to the beautiful things that are around us, we become frustated over stuff that is beyond our control, we try to reason everything in life, we forget that certain things just are, they cant be reasoned. Let me ask you this question, "have you ever seen air?? Have you ever questioned why our heart and lungs work involuntary(without our control)we are so used to it that our heart beats so many times in a day and we are completely unware of it, we are busy in our chores, our lungs expand and deflate so many times without our concious awareness of the fact, so like this, there are other things in life which can't be controlled or reasoned.

Just live your life happily and joyfully, try to be good and try to enjoy what you have right now...,,

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