Monday, May 6, 2013

Something new

Well...for quite some time I was busy with routine, home, office, office work, house hold chores.....running round round in circles.....trying to be a good home maker, a better wife, a better resource for my organisation in office....following this routine day in and out.....phew.....then sometimes I used to wonder, what am I doing for myself ??? What am i doing to nourish my soul, what is going on ??  Well this weekend my husband told me to join the language course for spanish which I had pursued earlier (3 years back) and then left it midway.....ohh please I wont play that blame game you know, I wont deflect on anyone else....It was my will, my enthu that died out and I left my course mid what...we can start once again afresh....I had completed my basic certificate course in Spanish....and now I havei joined for level 1. It really felt great, i attended my first class last now my weekends are going to be great as this is going to be a weekend thing and I am so excited. Lets not be so hasty but I am planning to learn french, german, as well once I am done with spanish.

So currently on my mind : uno, dos, tres..... :D

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