Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bit of here and there...

So, what's happening?? well for me, I am eagerly waiting for weekend and actually counting days, 3 more days...lets not get into that...ok...let me tell you why I love weekends, Its because I love to spent time at home, lying lazily, reading a book, chip here and a tuck there, decorating my home, having breakfast with my husband, going out for shopping together. By the end of Friday evening, I am all tired and the weekend is like giving a plant a glass full of water, like a bit of sunshine. past weekend was full of activity, I enrolled for Spanish language, we had a late night party in our neighbourhood and we danced to the tune of "I have got time of my life" Dirty dancing, it was so much fun. I really like that movie and the dance is simply amazing and the tune is still at the back of my mind, ahh...what a lovely weekend it was :D.

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