Friday, May 3, 2013


I am into a lot of introspection nowadays and when I discussed this with one of my friends, she told me that "after fruition, the seeds goes back to the deepest darkest core of the earth" , well i like the thought and I understood the reason why I was getting into shell and more in connect with my self , thanks friend, thanks for enlightening me.

Solitude, well I think solitude is also important in life, it takes you closer to yourself  it makes you to connect with your true self and I will suggest that you should always take some time out for yourself, to listen to your heart, your soul, trust me you won't be disappointed, and each one of us has that capability of transforming our lives if only we know what we want from life, if we understand our deepest darkest fears, anxieties, and desires. There is always a reason behind our every fear/anxiety, there isn't smoke without fire :)  .  Coming back to the topic I started with...yes we all go through some many stressors in our daily routine, we get all worked up, we wince, we whine, we feel like hitting our bosses (at times ;)) and when we get home, our mood is all rotten, we feel like talking to no one but just lie down in silence, playing the victim that we are so good at, but have you every wondered in all this, who tends to suffer?? who is the actual innocent victim?? yes its our family, they don't even have a clue what we went through, so my question is: why should they suffer, why should we vent out on them, they did nothing, they were not in the office being bossy, they never gave you extra pile of papers to work upon, so why should they suffer, why should our home pay a price of something that happened outside.

This is the thing that I try to keep in mind (errr...I too forget at time) and that's why when i reach home after a really bad day, I take a moment outside, I remove an imaginary turban of worries, negative impression, frustration that were accumulated over the day time in my head and I throw it outside so that when my loved one opens the door for me, he sees a happy, calm, and composed Supreet,  Supreet that is filled with happiness and joy to be back home, back to the sanctuary  where we just love, eat, pray and introspect.

*PS: and if you forget to take that imaginary turban and you enter your home, don't worry we have something else at home to take care of that, we will discuss that in a separate post :)

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