Thursday, April 25, 2013

If its gonna rain....,I am gonna dance

Its thursday and I am at home not in office....yeah....why??, because I am not welll.,I have been feeling dizzy since yesterday, so I decided to take a day off....I am on my bed and from the window I can see dark clouds soaring high....its gonna rain...I hear the eager cries of a peacock, asking the clouds to pour down so that it can charm its partner..,peacocks are known for their rain dance...I also hear the sweet melody of the koel, perched on the mango tree.,,,and the faint hymns of the wabbler....all this is adding to the beauty of the already of the already created enchanting scene of the nature....and seeing this warms my heart.,,,it brings tears of joy to my eyes...I am thankful to the god beacuse my senses can sense all this alround heart is open to the miracles of nature.
And I tell you.,,,if its gonna rain....I am gonna dance and get drenched...I am gonna join the peacock, the koel, the wabbler, the clouds...,,in that moment of pure bliss.

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