Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thoughts in my head!!

From last few days I don't know what has happened, I am a lot into introspection, meaning of life, wounded souls, pain and all that stuff, I cant seem to get that out of my head!! and today was like the sort of day, were I felt like I could actually see through people, their worries, their pain and never ending chaos... There are these peaks in my mood every now and then but this time, it seems unending...I reached home a little late than usual at 10 PM, at every third traffic light, I saw people running, pacing, some rushing towards home, others in ambulance, some in police captivity, some alone, some with their loved ones and friends. some were broken, some trying to be strong!!! That's what life is all about. And then to actually rub salt on my  wounds, I came across our society gate keeper, He saw me getting out of the office cab and he stood up to greet me, he is some 60-65 years old guy...I felt sort of awkward  actually hurt...I wanted to tell him..not to do that, I am no big deal, I am cut from the same cloth like he is...I wanted to offer him a cup of tea and sit with him next to him and talk to him about how he feels...Its not easy to stand there all day long, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that he is doing a wonderful job and we really love him. But I did nothing, absolutely nothing, I don't know what held me back and that hurts real bad.

Does it happen with you as well?? when you want to do something and you don't do it because something holds you back and you are caught up in that silly stupid question, "should I do it, will it be okay, how will it look, and so on??"


  1. Well dear it happens to every one...But these days coke has perfect advertisement coming on tv for such situations.... "Kisi ko kush kar jana ager yeh sab crazy hai haan mein crazy houn"...Next time do one thing in the morning when you leave for office or when you are coming back from office stop by the gate keeper and just give him a smile and greet or just ask him about his well being. He will feel great and happy and so will you. Sometimes try giving him some chocolates, old men loves chocolate. :)

  2. Hmm..Thank god I am not the only one...and yes that Coke ad is fantastic, I love it!!! Nice idea of gifting a chocolate, will try that...You have a kind and generous heart friend!!!

    Where had you been???

  3. I have been always there...luv u always.....