Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shedding few Pounds

Look, I get it, "For physical fitness you need to do physical exercise", these are the buzzwords for me and they make a swooshing sound every time they fly by, I wanna swat them big time as its  easy said than done. every time I go for shopping, I die to get into those small size sequined tube tops, its not that I love them, its just that I wanna fit into them  :(   and I promise myself that from now on I am gonna work out and toil and with great zeal I set up my alarm clock for 5 AM on a nice and neat bed side table, I look confident that I will get up no matter what and there I sleep with this thought in my head, in between I dream, toss & turn and precisely at 5 AM when clock chimes, I toss up like a fish in a frying pan, hastily I turn off the alarm and I doze off....Ouch !!! my heart flutters, jumps a beat and it hurts deep inside later.  This is what has been happening from last few days :(

Considering this as a "project" and reading few project management articles :), I came across a mnemonic "SMART", it helps guide people when they set goals. so i am gonna start implementing this.

I am gonna get all geared up and hey!!! may be updating this on my blog will give me some inspiration as all of you pretty ladies will be watching over me ;) so lets get started!!


  1. Well i hv trying to loose sm weight aswell bt i am lazy i m trying to control on my diet...n i hv lost almost 2kgs since i checked on my if u r lazy to workout...try checking your diet plan.

    1. Tried to that as well but due to my work timings I cant plan out on my diet, I get up at 6 AM and leave by 7 and return by 7 PM,but now that I have a success story of your's, I will surely give it another shot, let me plan !! and by the way, what was ur diet??

    2. Hahahaha....what is my diet?hmmmmm...since last month i am on a same diet plan which is:
      Morning:Very first thing drink a glass of water and then I have a glass of milk, Egg white and one plain paratha
      Afternoon: Rice but very less and with some protein like a piece of chicken
      Evening:Tea and some snacks
      Dinner: I was taking rice and chicken but now i am planing to take salads at night.loads of salads.
      And some fruits after the dinner,mostly apples.
      The best way to loose weight is to drink lot of water and take less food in intervals....And i am on this diet plan because i am still feeding ibrahim....I know you cn have a better chart made for yourself than this one.good luck....

    3. ouch!!! I can't eat that less, u know what i need an ice cream daily now that summer is here...but seriously you are managing this so well...thanks for inspiring me...I am gonna follow your footsteps now...less and in small portions throughout the day!!